For better or for worse, your marriage is constantly changing! But successful couples stay close no matter what happens - and that’s no accident. It takes planning and effort…… That’s why I have these 4 steps for making sure your marriage gets better instead of worse, courtesy of Glee Magazine:

  • First: Make your marriage the priority. Between kids and work, it’s easy to get so busy that you put your marriage on hold - but it should be the center of everything you do. When it suffers, so does everything else. Spending time with your spouse is the most important job you have to do each day.
  • The 2nd step to a successful marriage: Try new things as a couple. Remember when you were getting to know each other and everything was new? Get that feeling back! You don’t have to take up sky-diving. Try cooking a meal you’ve never cooked before. As long as it’s new, and you’re doing it together, you’ll be giving your marriage what it needs to thrive.
  • The 3rd secret to a successful marriage: Hang onto something from your single life. Many marriages run into trouble because people believe they have to do EVERYTHING as a couple. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in each other that you drop off the office softball team or miss movie night with your single friends. But eventually, that breeds resentment. So keep doing the things you love to do on your own.
  • And the last step to a successful marriage: Ask your spouse for advice! If you find yourself with problems you don’t feel you can share with your partner - you’re in trouble. Being able to talk things out is the foundation of a great marriage. And this is especially true for men. According to marriage expert John Gottmann, the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT predictor of marital success is a husband’s willingness to listen to his wife.

So to review – the 4 things you need for solid marriage are: Making the marriage a priority, trying new things as a couple, hanging on to the interests you had when you were single, and being able to talk things through with your spouse.