Is it OK to kiss a business associate on the cheek, or should you stick to shaking her hand? We got this from Rodale Publishing. They asked the question "In a professional setting, when do you shake a woman's hand and when do you kiss her cheek? Here's the answer. When in doubt, shake hands. That's the word from Barbara Pachter, a business-communications trainer and author of the book, "When the Little Things Count...and They Always Count."

According to Pachter, in the United States the handshake is the proper business greeting - and both men and women should shake hands when they meet and greet. She says you should avoid the cheek kiss in the corporate world with one exception: Once a professional relationship has been firmly established, you may break this rule and kiss on the cheek, but do so sparingly. Because as a general rule, if you wouldn't do something for a male associate, you shouldn't do it for a female associate.