Sound crazy? It’s not. In “blind smell-tests,” mothers repeatedly found dirty diapers filled with their own babies’ poop to be less repulsive than those filled by other babies.

  • Now why in the world would scientists even be interested in this? According to Live, it’s part of a wider series of studies that’s finding that humans can tell who they’re related to by scent alone.

  • This dirty diaper study was conducted at Macquarie University in Australia. And amazingly, the women in the study could tell which diaper belonged to their baby - even if the diapers weren’t labeled!

  • The scientists have a couple of theories about this smelly phenomenon: First, it might just be that women know the smell of their children - good or bad - and are just used to it. But it also might be our natural way of adapting to something disgusting - something that otherwise might prevent us from bonding and taking care of our children.

  • So moms – don’t be surprised if you can literally sniff your child out in a crowded room!