Well, Reader's Digest did all your work for you. They've rated everything from Bar-B-Q sauces to the Best Quilting Bee to the best dating sites. But let me share just a few of their picks with you now.
  • Best Movies. Here are the top 3 as ranked by Dr. Rick Jewel of USC's Film School. He chose ones that best define the American character:
  1. Singin' in the Rain - because we root for the underdog
  2. Citizen Kane - because it embodies optimism, idealism, and remorse.
  3. Annie Hall - because cultural differences can lead to hilarious conflict and romance.
Moving on...how about the Best High School Prom in America? Reader's Digest picked Pennsbury High School in Pennsylvania. To encourage kids to come to the prom and stay   instead of getting in their cars and drinking   they have a red carpet, complete with TV cameras to catch all the action, and everybody in town is invited to come down and cheer. The students arrive in trolley cars, on scooters, some have helicoptered in and one couple came in the Batmobile.
One last Best of the Best from Reader's Digest: The Best Public Restroom in America can be found at the Lee Davis Texaco in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Not only is it the cleanest, it has rugs, paintings and plants. Pretty good for a gas station.