So - whether you're a perfectionist, a worry-wart or a people-pleaser, I have the tips you need to put a positive spin on your life. This comes from the information website Chatelaine .com.
First: Perfectionists. You may get a lot done, but you're also prone to suffer from depression, anxiety and eating disorders. So here's how to undo the self-imposed stress. Since perfectionists tend to avoid tasks they don't do well, force yourself to try something you've never done. For example, if you're all thumbs in the kitchen, take a cooking class. The idea is to learn that the sky doesn't fall when you're not perfect. Once you learn to relax, you'll be able to focus your skills on important things - like knocking 'em dead at work, instead of fussing over little details - like rearranging your sock drawer.
Now for you worry-warts. Too much hand wringing wears you down and increases your odds of developing arthritis, ulcers, and bronchitis. If you're a worrier, you'll be better off if you take the time to ask yourself two questions:
#1: "What's the worst that can happen?"
And #2: "How can I prepare for it?" Write down the answers you'd give to a friend in the same situation. This'll help you plan for the things that need attention, and get perspective on the things you can't change.
And finally, if you're a people pleaser, watch out! According to the American Academy of Neurology, you're adding the sort of stress to your life that makes you twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's disease as people who set reasonable boundaries. If the thought of saying "No" terrifies you, start small. Try disagreeing over little things, like the weather or sporting events. Then practice phrases like "I can't do that for you now" and "I'd really like to help, but I'm booked"
In no time at all, your so-called weakness will become your biggest strength.