Let’s face it, not everything your child does is fun and exciting. And there are probably times when you’d give anything not to have to take your kid to another play date, soccer practice, or see Thomas the Tank live on stage! Wwhen an American mom admitted in an article that her own children bore her to death, it created a firestorm. With other mothers writing to tell her how horrible she is, and asking why on earth she had children if she felt that way.

According to USA Today, Helen Kirwan-Taylor wrote the article because she felt guilty. Because unlike other moms, she finds a lot of “mother stuff” boring. She’d rather go shopping than watch another kid’s soccer game. And she can’t stand kids’ birthday parties where all the mothers chat happily about teething and potty training.

She points out that magazine shots of happy kids and moms don’t tell the whole truth about raising children. They don’t show the monotony, the loneliness, the tantrums, the spilled food, or the 10 disastrous attempts to get a child to put on their shoes.
But nowadays, every mom is expected to be a “Super Mom” whose life revolves around her children.

This Super Mom trend may come down to the culture we live in now. In a lot of places, you can’t just send your kids out to play. And urban sprawl means you’re far from friends and activities, so kids have to be driven everywhere. But research shows it’s not a good idea to make your children the center of your universe. You end up giving up your ambitions, and creating a generation of kids who can’t do anything for themselves. Highly supervised kids also lose the ability to use their imagination to make up games and stories, and have fun by themselves.