One day you're fine, and the next day you can barely afford the vending machine.
If this sounds familiar, here are a few ways you can save some cash. We found these tips in Woman's Day magazine.
  • Budget how much you can afford to spend at your favorite coffee shop each month, and then buy yourself a gift card for that amount. This will keep you from overspending. When the card runs out, you're done.
  • Select greeting cards from the lowest 2 or 3 rows on the rack   these are usually the cheapest.
  • Also, fill up your gas tank on Wednesdays or Thursdays. According to Triple-A, most gas stations raise prices for the weekend, when demand is the highest.
And a final way to save some cash: If you want to send flowers to an out-of-town friend, skip the expensive delivery services and call one of their local florists. Their delivery charges will be much less. You can find one by going to