Multiple marriages. In fact, multiple marriages are becoming fairly common.
But it gets complicated when you've got kids and former spouses. So, here are a few things to consider when it comes to planning another wedding. They're from the book Getting Married When It's Not Your First Time.
  • First, should you change your name? Remember, getting a new name at 18 is not as big a deal as getting one in your 40s. And think about how a different name will affect your colleagues, clients, friends, family and finances. Grown children may feel you're discarding the family name. And it might be easier to keep your current name for business purposes.
  • Then, how do you break the news of a new marriage to your kids? Make sure they know when your relationship gets serious. And be prepared for your teens and adult children to tell you exactly why they're worried or irritated by your upcoming marriage. Also, tell them what you plan to do with the family house, grandma's china and other sentimental keepsakes. You'll head off a lot of heartache if you let them know up front.
  • Another way to smooth out second wedding plans is: Tell your "ex" about it yourself, and in person. And be quick and to the point. Say something like, "We decided to get married in about 10 months. When we pick a date, I'll let you know."
  • And finally, should you register for a second wedding? Why not? If you don't need the traditional crystal and china, register where they have things you can use   like for hiking gear, books, or gourmet cookware. And if you don't want gifts, don't write it on the invitation. Ask a family friend to let guests know that all you want at your wedding is their company.