A University of Massachusetts study shows that women are frequent fibbers! But like everything else they do, there's a good reason for it.
Here are 3 of the "little white lies" women tell, and why. These come from Netscape .com's relationship expert, Laura Snyder:
  1. She does it to make you feel better. Like when she tells you that you're NOT going bald, or that your high-school prom tux still fits like a glove. She just wants you to be happy.
  2. She does it to save herself. These are the lies that make her more attractive to you, or that protect her. Things like "I'm not even thinking about marriage" or "I just love football"
  3. And the 3rd reason women tell little white lies is to avoid a fight. You didn't really believe her when you asked if something was wrong and she said no, did you? She uses this to avoid an issue, and sometimes it's a good instinct.
So even though she may be lying, she's doing it for a very good reason.