• First, are you a flirt? Well, if you're female, be careful. Men take flirting much more seriously than women do. That's from a study at Northern Illinois University. They found that men are much more likely to think flirting means the girl in question wants to start a relationship. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to view flirting as "just for fun."
  • Then, many women believe they make a better impression if they don't eat much around other people. But here's a surprise: Men prefer a hearty eater   as long as she's not overweight. Researchers at the University of Toronto found that men appreciate women with a big appetite because she's viewed as honest about what she wants. And a man knows she won't make him feel guilty about his own zest for food.
  • And the final tip is for the guys: dress like you're a success. In a recent study, two groups of women saw pictures of one man dressed 2 different ways: in a fast food uniform, and in a dress shirt, designer tie, and blazer. The women were all willing to date or even marry the better dresser.
But none of them would consider the man in the fast-food uniform. And remember, this was the same guy! Talk about your power suit.