These agents specialize in profiling individuals in order to predict behavior. Use these tips to rest easy until your daughter comes home at curfew, courtesy of Rodale Publishing:.

  • Tip #1 from FBI agents – ask your daughter for her date’s full name ahead of time and then Google him, look him up on My Space, Facebook and You Tube. Any personal profiles or videos that come up will give you a good sense of his personality. Check out his favorite movies, books and videogames. According to Clint Van Zandt, who worked for the FBI for 25 years, reality mimics fantasy. He says he can’t tell you how many times he’s asked a criminal where they got their ideas and they’ve said they saw it in a movie.
  • Then, when he gets to the house, evaluate his clothing. John Douglas, a former FBI investigative chief, says what a person wears reflects their overall level of judgment. So a jacket, combed hair, and cologne say – ‘I care. I’m trying to put my best foot forward.’ Camouflage pants, unwashed hair and body odor say ‘I only care about myself – and even then, not so much.’
  • If the guy has any visible tattoos or piercings – ask about them. Generally the more in-your-face they are, the more they represent a cry for attention. People who demand that others notice them, may have trouble being sensitive to another person’s needs. Ask about the meaning behind the body art. It’ll provide insight into his character.
  • As you’re talking to your daughter’s date – let the conversation stop. See how he fills the pause. That puts a person on edge and you can see how they handle stress.
  • Finally, the FBI agents recommend that you directly state what your expectations are when he’s out with your daughter. Watch his body language. If he folds his arms and moves away, no matter how subtly, he’s resisting what you’re saying. So take down his license plate number, just in case.