According to Web MD, if your wife is committed to a new diet, your marriage might be in trouble.
A researcher from Britain's University of Warwick has determined that many women who diet are preparing for a separation and looking for new love. While obviously this is not true for all married women on diets, the numbers are significant. The study found that over 40 percent of married women are trying to lose weight, compared to just half that amount of single women. The findings go against conventional wisdom, which is that single people diet to be more attractive and find a mate-- And married people put on weight and don't diet because they're comfortable since they've already found a partner. But the study showed that when married women diet, many have an ulterior motive. They may be dissatisfied with some part of their life - their marriage, job, or health. And dieting is an investment in the future - deprivation now for reward later--In fact, a need for change always drives dieting. And it's not just the possibility of being back in the dating pool.
Weight loss can also be driven by workforce demands, since there seems to be a prejudice against overweight people. Statistically, thinner people earn more money. And if losing weight can improve your salary, as wrong as that is, it's still a big incentive to go on a diet.
So guys, if your wife is trying to lose weight, get involved. Ask her what you can do to help her meet her goal. And if it turns out that she's dissatisfied with your marriage, at least now it's out in the open, and you can take steps to resolve the situation.