Here are some ways to prepare all your yummy holiday favorites with fewer calories and fat. These hints come from Ladies Home Journal-- ¢ For turkeys: It's true that dark meat has more calories than white, but not enough to really make a difference. And baking or roasting the meat cooks most of the fat out, anyway. The big culprit is the SKIN. Go ahead and leave it on while cooking, to keep the juices in, but remove it before serving. And don't baste your bird with butter or drippings. Put a tin-foil tent over it to keep it moist.
  • For gravy: Skip using the meat drippings and opt for low fat or fat-free chicken broth. Use cornstarch to thicken it. Or for a creative option, use pureed potatoes and add chicken broth until it's the consistency you want. When it is, add a splash of fruit juice   prune, apricot or apple   to give it a real kick.
  • For mashed potatoes: Bake or microwave them instead of boiling. This will preserve their antioxidants and nutrients. One hour in the oven at 400 degrees or 10 minutes in the microwave will make them soft enough to mash. Mix some horseradish and minced garlic and add it to your potatoes, along with non-fat half-and-half. No butter!
And for healthier and lower-calorie stuffing: Use whole-grain bread. White bread has less fiber and can raise blood sugar levels   which causes you to crave even more carbs. And an even healthier option: Go for wild rice stuffing. It has even less calories than whole grain bread. Bon appetit!