According to USA Today, researchers across the country are studying romantic love, and, in some cases, they're finding keys to romance. Here are some of their top findings:
  • First, even if you're feeling extra romantic, don't write that love letter just yet. According to the experts at Virginia Commonwealth University, letters and emails with too much passion are a big turnoff, especially when it's early in the relationship. In the first two weeks of a relationship, any expressions that are too lengthy or too intimate suggest that the sender is needy. Play it safe--don't put the pen to the paper until after at least a month.
  • Another study done by psychology professors at the State University of New York suggests that passion in long-term relationships can be renewed by sharing new and challenging activities--like rock climbing or even joining a book club.
  • And researchers at Iowa State University found that if you want love to keep you together, you need to marry someone with a similar personality. They can be your opposite in a myriad of other ways   they can be from another culture, have another religion, or be in a different tax bracket--Because none of those things matter as much when it comes to lasting love as having the same personality characteristics. So that means outgoing people should marry other extroverts   and uptight Type-A personalities should marry other Type-A's.
So that's what the researchers have to say about love--What do you have to say? Let me know your wisdom, even if you're not a psychology researcher. The number is toll free 866-865-TESH.