Whether you want to get pregnant, or raise a little genius, I have the information you need! This comes from Health magazine.

  • If you want a big family – grab some milk! Although only 3 in 100 American women give birth to twins, a recent study found that those who drink milk or eat any kind of dairy products are five times as likely to have multiple-birth pregnancies as those who don’t. That means AT LEAST twins. Dr. Gary Steinman, an obstetrician at the Long Island Jewish Medical center, led the study and he says it’s the first evidence that having more than one child is tied to hereditary and environment. The reason may be a growth hormone given to cows to boost milk production. On the flip side, if you DON’T want to have twins - or more, lay off the dairy products before getting pregnant.
  • If you want to raise a little genius. the Baby Einstein videos WON’T help! In fact, it might just turn them into a little couch potato. The tapes are designed to expose infants to the arts and humanities in a fun, interactive way but research shows that children younger than two years old CAN’T learn from the videos. Dr. Bernard Dreyer sits on the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Communication and he says, at that age, children learn from mainly from person-to-person interaction, and their baby brains can’t see shapes on the screen as real people. In fact, the AAP says kids under two shouldn’t watch ANY TV – even educational shows – because research shows that it can lead to aggressive behavior. So if you want to raise a little genius, be your baby’s OWN Einstein, and read or sing to them as much as possible.