Or is it that he chooses not to listen? A combination of both is the right answer. And 93% of women say the biggest flaw that men have is that they don't listen! Well, there's a scientific reason why men have trouble hearing you. But you can fix the problem once and for all with these tips from the book "What Could He Be Thinking?" by Michael Gurian.
So here's the problem, the reason behind it, and how to fix it.
  • If your husband tunes you out when you're talking, it might be because you're too far away. According to psychologist Dr. Perry Buffington, men rarely give their full attention to anything or anyone more than 9 feet away. Although this trait helped men protect their immediate environment way back when, it just frustrates women today. The fix: Step closer to him when you really want him to pay attention.
  • How 'bout this one--And I know I'm guilty of it too. Does your husband ever say, "I never said I'd do that!" Well, most likely, he really did forget his promise. Men's brains are wired to latch on to what they see versus what they hear. So if you want him to remember a special date or something on the grocery list, tell him and then ask him to write it down.
  • Another reason why guys tune out when you talk   our brains have fewer connections for storing and retrieving information than female brains do. So the next time you need to make sure what you said really sank in, have your husband repeat what you just said. MRI scans show that this is a quick way to instantly strengthen connections in the brain and the ability to recall information.
Want to know more? Check out the book "What Could He Be Thinking?"