It's a debate that has plagued parents for centuries. Is it tougher to raise boys or girls? Here's the truth: Raising boys can present different challenges than raising girls because they're wired differently. Here are the details from CNN. For instance.

  • When it comes to safety, BOYS are tougher. Ever wonder why boys are always attempting crazy stunts – like off the roof and into the swimming pool? It's because taking risks lights up the pleasure centers of their brains.
  • What about communication? From birth, a baby girl tends to be more interested in looking at human faces, and because girls study faces so intently, they're better at reading non-verbal signals – like expression and tone of voice. Boys, on the other hand, have more trouble connecting feelings with words. They also learn to talk later than girls and have more limited vocabularies. So, that's why you may have a tougher time communicating with your son than with your daughter.
  • As far as discipline: Boys are tougher. Turns out, their hearing isn’t as good as girls' right from birth. That means a girl is likely to respond better to verbal discipline strategies, such as warnings like "Don't do that." Boys tend to be more tactile - they may need to be picked up and plunked in a time-out chair.
  • However, when girls get to be about eight years old, things can get a little tougher. Why? Because since girls are so good at communicating, they exert a ton of energy on it. This is why your daughter might start worrying about which friend is mad at her, or what she could've done to hurt so-and-so's feelings.
  • One more "who's tougher" topic: Self-esteem. The GIRLS win this one. They tend to put everyone else's needs before their own. This may cause them to ignore their OWN needs, which can leave them feeling bad.       


The bottom line? The general consensus seems to be that boys are more of a handful early on, and girls are more challenging beginning in the preteen years.