It might seem like it, but in truth, some things aren't as bad as you think...
That's the word from Peter Post, author of the book "Essential Manners For Men." Here are the behaviors he says you should forgive. Because after all, he's just a man--We found these in Glamour magazine.
Let it slide if:
  • He puts your call on hold when he's at work and then forgets to come back. Sure it's annoying, but give him a break   he's on the clock! And besides, once he realizes what he did, he'll totally make it up to you.
  • He doesn't hold the door every time. No, chivalry isn't dead, but Post says the door thing really isn't a deal-breaker anymore.
  • And finally, let it slide if he dances with other women at a wedding reception. This is a social thing, not an intimate one. As long as he dances with you, too   share the wealth.
But in all fairness, there are some behaviors you should never put up with from your man. Such as:
  • He never, ever puts the toilet seat down. If you've sat on a germy, cold rim even once, it's time to have a chat.
  • He interrupts you while you're on the phone. If your guy does this, he's being disrespectful. Tell him to wait his turn.
And finally, if your man refuses to budge from the couch when company drops by, you need to set him straight. Even if his brain is numb from all the sports he's been watching, he should at least have the decency to stand up and say hello.