Rachel Greenwald is the author of the book "Find a Husband After 35." And her strategies for finding a Mr. Right are practical and hands-on - almost as if you're embarking on a business venture. She's been both praised and criticized, so decide for yourself. Here's a brief overview of her master plan:

Step 1 is the marketing focus: Make finding a husband your number-one priority. You must devote your time, money, and energy to the quest. She advises setting aside 10 to 20 percent of your income for the "Husband Search". In your free time, don't read a book alone at home - go out to where the men are. And let all your friends and acquaintances know you're looking.
Step 2 is to find a mentor: Find a person, preferably a happily married friend, who'll coach you. They should give you honest feedback and advice, help you network and cheer you on.
Greenwald's 3rd strategy for landing Mr. Right: Create your best look: Lose a few pounds, get a new haircut, update your makeup and wardrobe. Be the best you can be.
Step 4 - cast a wider net: Stop looking for "Mr. Unachievable". Be open to men who you wouldn't normally think of as your type.
And a 5th step for finding Mr. Right: Identify what makes you different. Greenwald suggests you come up with three adjectives that best describe who you are. You've got to stand out from the 28 million other single women out there. It might not seem very romantic, but Greenwald says try looking at it as a game. Have some fun, and you just might win the man of your dreams! If you'd like to go further, the book again is "Find a Husband After 35" by Rachel Greenwald.