We're hairy all over, grow up climbing trees, and use non-verbal signals to communicate what we want and think. That's why it's so hard for men and women to communicate. Well ladies, we're going to decode the hidden messages your man is giving you-- This comes from Rodale Publishing.
  • When a man grunts when you're trying to talk to him it means: He'd like you to wrap up the story about your nephew's birthday party so he can get back to watching "King of Queens" on TV.
  • When the man in your life grunts when you ask him where he'd like to go to dinner it means: He remembers who picked out the wall color in the living room, who picked the last vacation, and who picked out the pants he's wearing now. He knows his opinion doesn't matter much and he's resigned himself to that. Dinner will be at Bistro de François, not at Bell de Taco.
  • So what does it mean when your normally slovenly husband goes on an organizational rampage, cleaning out the garage and vacuuming everything in sight? It means he's frustrated. When work and stress overwhelm him, cleaning and organizing help him feel more in control of his life. You might turn to your friends when you're stressed, your husband will try to fix, organize and clean things.
  • And finally, what does it mean when he buys you a space heater for your birthday? Ladies, don't read too much into this. Guys like gifts that are practical and have a use. In his mind, when you say you're always cold, he doesn't think to buy you a cute, cashmere sweater   he thinks, "space heater". But his heart is in the right place.