Parents: Let me tell you about the Undercover Lunch Room teacher, known as “Mrs. Q.” According to AOL Health, Mrs. Q is the secret identity of a teacher in Illinois who recently decided to eat - and document - school lunches for an entire year! She says she chose to remain anonymous because she doesn’t want anyone at her school to get fired, including herself. Her goal is simply to show the world just how bad the food can be in public schools.

Every day, she eats the school lunch, takes a picture with her cell phone camera, and writes about it on her blog. She now has thousands of daily followers, who sign on to read entries like, “I’m having more stomach aches these days. At least once a week, I just don’t feel very good!” In another blog, Mrs. Q posted a photo of the peanut butter and jelly graham cracker sandwich served for lunch that day, then wrote about how it kept her up all night feeling sick in the bathroom! Other typical lunches might include a bagel dog on a stick, chicken nuggets, or a Rib-B-Q sandwich – all made with processed meat.

Unfortunately, health experts agree that Mrs. Q is onto something. Right now, statistics show that one-in-five kids in North America are obese. With an estimated 11 million kids getting at least half of their daily calories from school meals, experts say those overly processed hot lunches are a big reason why. In fact: For many kids, the school lunch is their only “real” meal of the day. That’s why Mrs. Q has posted a “wish list” of foods she’d prefer to see served instead. For instance: She’d like to replace the high fat, processed meat products, with more soups, salads, lean meats, and stir fries. She believes those could be prepared in bulk, which would make them more cost efficient. She’d also like to serve roasted potatoes instead of tater tots, and healthy dairy snacks like low-fat, low-sugar yogurt and cottage cheese, instead of fruit cups loaded with high fructose corn syrup.

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