Here's the low-down on where to look, and how to get someone interested. These tricks come from professional matchmaker Janis Spindel, author of Get Serious About Getting Married.
Right off the bat, here's where you won't meet men:
  • At cooking classes, or lessons on creative writing, jewelry making, or interior design.
  • At charity events for terminally ill children.
  • In yoga and aerobics classes. Why? All these activities usually attract more women than men.
  • And you won't find many single men on a cruise   unless it's specifically designed for singles.
On the other hand, here are Spindel's Top 10 places to meet men: doctor's waiting rooms, elevators, apartment complexes, cafés, and dry cleaners-- Followed by newsstands, hailing a cab, museums, intermission at plays, or on a busy street corner waiting for the light to change. So, now that you know where to go, here are her tips on how to get someone interested:
  • First, stop the negative thinking--In other words, dump thoughts like "I'm not getting any younger, I haven't met a man, and it's never going to happen!" If you appear negative or desperate, the single men will gravitate to someone else.
  • Then, think of yourself as a taxicab. In other words, turn on your inner light, and show you're available. You'll get a lot more attention if you smile and seem approachable.
  • Finally, when it comes to meeting men: Remember, they don't bite! Even the ones you think are really handsome and intimidating. So, don't wait for him to notice you--Say "hello" first. And don't walk away when he says "hi" back. If you'd like to go further, the book is Get Serious About Getting Married by Janis Spindel.