You may take your health and fitness seriously but how do you get your husband to pay attention to his, without having to nag him to death? Here's some advice from Oprah's right-hand man, Dr. Phil:

First, know this: Men are raised to be self-reliant, and they don't like admitting there's something wrong they can't fix on their own. And for lots of men, getting tests and treatment from a doctor means admitting they're weak. So, here's how to motivate the man in your life to do what's best for his health:

  • First, skip the criticism. Instead, tell him how much he deserves. In other words, tell your hubby that he deserves to feel better, to have more energy, to meet the weight requirement for the helicopter tour on your upcoming vacation.
  • Then, focus on the end results. When it comes to changing ingrained behavior, men often focus on the steps instead of the light at the end of the tunnel. So inspire him by reminding him how great he's gonna look when he loses some weight. Another way to help your husband get healthier is: Do what's necessary to make it happen. For example, if he needs to diet, get the unhealthy food out of the house and start feeding him what you're eating! And if he needs a checkup, you might have to make the appointment, remind him about it, drive him there, and sit next to him in the waiting room.
  • And the final way to convince your husband to live healthier is: Pull out the big guns. Fear and pain are the two best motivators. So, if your husband's father died of heart disease, Dr. Phil says there's nothing wrong with saying, "If your dad had gone to his doctor, he might very well be with us today." Let's see how fast he picks up the phone after that.