Parent's, are you supplying your kids with drugs?
When it comes to drug use, the threat to your children isn't a drug dealer on the corner. It's your own medicine cabinet!
According to CNN, a study done by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America found that more and more teens are raiding their parents' medicine cabinets, to get high on drugs like codeine and OxyContin. Why? The teens surveyed said "ease of access" was the number one reason for experimenting with prescription meds, and the problem is more common than you think. One in five teenagers has abused a prescription painkiller. And almost 10% of teens have abused over-the-counter products, such as cough medicine. In fact, for the first time since records have been kept, teens are more likely to have tried prescription medicines to get high than they are to have tried illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine.
The most popular prescription drugs are Vicodin, OxyContin, and drugs for attention-deficit disorder such as Ritalin and Adderall. And get this: Less than half the teens said they saw "great risk" in experimenting with prescription medicines, so they aren't aware of the chances they're taking. So as a parent, what can you do?
Experts say keep track of your prescriptions and the number of pills you have. Also, watch your teen for warning signs, like slurred speech or erratic behavior. And make sure they understand that taking prescription medicines can have ALL the harmful consequences of taking illegal drugs.
Finally, if you suspect your child is abusing any sort of drug, seek medical and psychological help immediately. Your intervention could literally save their life.