Here’s your chance to find out. Family Circle magazine polled over 25-hundred kids to discover what makes them tick. Here’s a little sample:

  • Email and Instant Messages may be cool, but real still rules. And 91% of all kids prefer talking to their parents face-to-face. So, talk to your kid, and give them your undivided attention for at least a few minutes every day.
  • 34% of kids wish their parents would get mad at them less. The best way to avoid the yelling is to be clear and specific about what’s bothering you, punish them if you have to, and move on.

Teens and tweens are also stressed out! 60% of them admit it. So, what’s worrying them? Here are the top four:

  • Getting good grades worries them.
  • They’re worried about how they look.
  • Their weight. Over a third of teens worry about weight issues. The antidote: Praise kids for their efforts, not their appearance.
  • Being made fun of. Half of all kids are afraid of being teased, but 19% are afraid it’ll get to the point where they’re beaten or attacked.

Your kid might be a victim of bullying if they stop hanging out with friends, spend most of their time at home, become clingy, sullen and withdrawn, or angry and irritable. So, talk about what’s going on. And if you suspect bullying, insist that the school take action.

So, how can you get your kid to open up? Distract them. Worried kids are more likely to share their feelings when they’re doing something, according to Dr. Michele Borba, author of 12 Simple Secrets Real Moms Know. So, invite them to make the salad during dinner prep. Or plant yourself somewhere they might let their guard down, like in front of the refrigerator at 4 o’clock.

To make your kids believe you actually live on the same planet, tap into their culture. In other words, if they’re crazy about GameCube, Kelly Clarkson, or Gnarls Barkley, Google them so you have something in common to talk about.