Are you nodding your head? Then, listen up! Here are 5 myths women believe about men, and why you might be mistaken--They're from the relationships experts at Match .com.
  • Myth #1 - Men want somebody who is just like their mother. Wrong. We do want someone to love, nurture and spoil us, like Mom. But sometimes Mom is annoying, and we'd rather be treated like an adult than a kid--
  • Myth #2 - If a man is spoiling you, he must have plenty of money. Nope. Most men will overspend a bit just to grab your attention. But if you fall in love with him, as planned, it won't be long before he cuts back on his spending--
  • The third myth that women believe about men is--You can change him. Forget it. You might get him to behave differently for awhile, but it's only because he's trying to make a good impression.
And the final myth women believe about men is--They don't like women to make the first move. Sure we do. It's less work for us, and it shows you have good taste.