Things like 'Wow, you look like you've put on some weight' or 'Gee, are you really going out wearing that?' But more specifically, there are certain things you shouldn't mention to single ladies over the age of 35. These days, more and more women are on a career track--They're waiting longer before settling down and starting a family--So here are the things you should never say to a single woman over the age of 35. We got these from Oprah's O Magazine.
  • Number one: 'you're too picky.' Most ladies get upset when they're referred to as 'picky' because it's usually not true--If a woman doesn't click with a guy, there's no point in forcing the issue. So telling your single friend she's picky will just make her feel bad, and this may cause her to settle for some guy she doesn't really enjoy spending time with.
  • Next, don't say something like 'Sally, you don't mind riding in the back seat with the kids?' Here's the thing--Sally does mind! Not because she dislikes your children, but because forcing her into the backseat sends a message that you're putting her back there because she's unattached. Also, don't stick single Sally at the kid's table during your holiday dinner. Just because she's not married doesn't mean she's not an adult.
  • Also, don't tell your single friend: 'A lot of older women are having children now-' Sending clippings of the 66 year old Romanian woman who just gave birth doesn't send an encouraging message to your single gal pal. Women will have children when they're ready. You don't need to remind them that their biological clock is ticking.
  • And finally, here's something you should never do to your single friends over 35: Shove them to the front when a bride tosses her bouquet. Your single friend doesn't need superstition to 'catch' a husband. Do this move, and your name may be left off the invitation list when your friend does eventually get married.