Check out what you doodle! That's from Priscilla Ross, Ph.D. and author of The Personality of Your Scribbles. She says doodling is an extension of your subconscious mind, and it can provide insight into your mood and personality. So, here's what your drawings say about you:
  • First, if you doodle geometrical shapes, like squares and triangles   you like to be in control--And you have definite plans for the future--
  • If your scribbles include lots of angles, that means you're smart and analytical.
  • If you draw mostly curves, you're intuitive and trust your gut instincts. Studies show it also means you're upbeat and caring, and tend to be very content with life.
  • If your doodles are filled with faces, you're a people person, with a knack for seeing the positive things in others.
  • Scribbling flowers or trees means you're an optimist who's always looking for the beauty in life.
  • And if you draw arrows, you're a goal-oriented person. Doodling arrows that point up, means you're on the right track to success. Arrows that point down may show you're frustrated by a recent setback. And if your arrows go every which way, you've got way too many options to choose from.
    If you'd like to go further, the book is called The Personality of Your Scribbles by Dr. Priscilla Ross.