The answer is shouting or yelling at your children. According to the Journal of Marriage and Family, nearly all parents have done it at some point. And experts now say it's a form of psychological aggression.
In a study of almost 1000 parents, sociologists found that almost all of them yelled at their kids as a form of discipline. This was true whether they were rich or poor, educated or not.
But the question is - when does psychological aggression cross the line into emotional abuse? The researchers believe that all psychological aggression is abuse at the moment it happens. But abuse is a loaded term. Parents - and even most authorities - don't want to call yelling abusive. But these researchers think that even occasional instances of this kind of yelling can be harmful to a child.
Their advice: curb your temper around your kids. Figure out what you want to say and talk seriously with your kids instead of raising your voice.