You already know that driving can be dangerous. But the good news is that it’s safer than it was 40 years ago – and taking into account the increase in vehicles on the road - there are less than half as many fatalities as there used to be. And if you try to avoid the most dangerous times to drive, you’ll increase your odds of arriving at your destination safe and sound.  

  • According to, 8 out of 10 of the deadliest days of the year to drive occur in summer - with the Fourth of July being the deadliest day of all. Why? Because alcohol plays a part in a lot of serious road accidents. And the most dangerous days coincide with times of celebration. Out of the 10 deadliest days, the closest one coming up is September 2nd – because it falls during Labor Day weekend.
  • The deadliest DAYS of the week to drive are Friday through Sunday - and Saturday is the worst of all. So if you’re heading out for weekend fun, watch out - because so are a lot of other folks.
  • What about the worst TIME to drive? Rushing home after a long, stressful day makes the late afternoon, especially between 3PM and 6PM, the most dangerous time of the day on the road.  
  • The morning rush hour is actually the SAFEST time of the day to drive, probably because people are fresh and alert.
  • If you're a pedestrian, you shouldn't be walking home from your New Year's Eve party on January 1st. Besides being one of the top 5 days for crash deaths, it's Number One for pedestrian deaths.
  • Parents should be advised to watch their kids on Halloween. That’s Day Number Two for pedestrian deaths.
Since you can’t always control WHEN you have to be on the road, the most important thing to remember is something you’ve heard a hundred times, but can’t be said enough: ALWAYS wear your seat belt. In many cases, fatal accidents could have been avoided if people were buckled up.