According to Dr. John Gray, the Mars and Venus genius, we all have the power to create what he calls practical miracles - changes that fill our lives with confidence, joy and love. These include things like forgiving someone who's wronged us, relaxing during periods of intense stress, and much more. And these miracles are within our reach - if we live by some basic principles.

Here they are, courtesy of the Bottom Line Personal:

First: Learn as if you're a beginner. The more you think you know, the less open you are to new information that could change your life. So, be open and excited about learning. There are always things you can do to feel like a beginner - from taking up a new sport to learning a job skill.

Next: Love like it's the first time. In most relationships, people feel hurt or angry when their partners don't live up to their expectations. Then they blame those bad feelings on their partner! But the truth is, when your mate does something you don't like, it's your own expectations that are upsetting you. And it's not your partner's job to change. It's up to you to let go of negative feelings and keep the positive spirit of your relationship alive.

Another way to create a miracle: Give as if you already have what you need. Extending yourself to family, coworkers, neighbors and the checker at the supermarket feels good. But when you don't get acknowledgment in return, you might stop giving until you do! This attitude just interferes with your generosity. Don't let the world dictate how giving you'll be.

And a final way to create practical miracles: Work as if money doesn't matter. When people work mainly for money, instead of for the joy the job brings and the contribution they can make, they lose touch with what they really want. So, periodically ask yourself, "How would I spend my time if I didn't need money?" By keeping this in mind, you'll gradually move in the direction of your dreams!