The one about the kid whose entire life was filmed right from birth. Well, that’s actually happening in real life, right now!


  • But according to New Scientist magazine, this version isn’t for entertainment. It’s an experiment to discover how human beings learn language. In other words, how a baby goes from gurgling and babbling to speaking a language fluently at 3 years old. It’s called the Human Speech-Home Project,

  • The baby in question is the infant son of MIT Media Lab researcher, Deb Roy. 9 months ago, the Roy family installed in-ceiling video cameras and microphones in every room in their house. The cameras record 14 hours a day - from 8:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. But there’s an off switch in case the family wants privacy, and an "oops" feature so they can back up and erase a recording before it’s stored on the computer mainframe in the basement.

  • Scientists are hoping to find out how interactions with the baby, and the activities around him, affect what he learns – and how fast he learns.

  • At the end of the 3 year project, they’ll have recorded and analyzed the equivalent of 200-thousand DVDS of audio and video. Which is more than all the feature films Hollywood has made since they started production in 1895!

The Roy family was asked if there were any drawbacks to having cameras recording everything that happens in their house. The answer was no, except for one thing. After all the equipment was installed, their electric bill went up 400 percent!