According to the Chicago Tribune, those convenient contraptions may be making children fat.
More preschool age children are overweight than ever before. Pediatricians at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center believe strollers are being used way too much, and creating a generation of couch potato kids.
Strollers are definitely useful for keeping toddlers safe in a crowded mall, but parents need to let their kids walk more often. Too much time in the stroller teaches children that the best way to go anywhere is to ride, not to walk. They also get into the habit of sitting in one place for way too long   which easily transfers to a life in front of the TV or computer.
What can you do to help your kids learn a healthy, active lifestyle?
  • Let your kids run as much as possible, and pack away that stroller by the time they're three years old--
  • Put toddlers on the floor or in a playpen so they can move around--Save the baby chair for dinner
  • Pick a day care center with a play area for running around and riding tricycles
  • And finally, have fun with your kids. Chase them, play with balls, do anything to help keep them active.
The doctors say, when children get active earlier in life, they'll be healthier and less prone to obesity when they get older.