Okay, so maybe that's not the original saying   but we came across some pretty good advice from body language and communications expert Marc Salem. He says, you can get your way in life's little decisions with some subtle manipulation. Here are 4 of his tricks:
  1. Narrow the person's choices. Don't say "What movie do you want to go to tonight?" Instead ask, "Which would you rather see, the Looney Tunes movie or that new Hugh Grant one?" What you just did was present two options. One of which you knew they'd say no to   the Looney Tunes movie. And the other was the option you wanted them to pick. You sneaky devil! You'll be watching your chick flick in no time.
  2. Provide added value. Say, "Hey, the Hugh Grant movie is playing at that cool new theater with the stadium seating!" Then they really think they're in for a treat. Or if you want pizza for dinner   and your wife wants sushi   use this added value trick. "You know, we could use more calcium in our diets, how about we get pizza instead."
  3. Manipulation trick #3: Sprinkle on complexity. Humans naturally want to do things that require the least amount of effort. So, to avoid doing something you don't want   like going to the Monster Truck rally, say, "Since we have to go all the way out to the stadium, can we stop at the dry cleaner on the way? And my sister lives near there, maybe we can stop in and see her and go out to dinner afterward! But the place I want to go to is a little dressy so change your pants." Your husband will get exhausted just listening to that and call off the Monster Truck rally.
And the fourth manipulation trick from Marc Salem: Get excited! Excitement is contagious. If you seem really excited about seeing that Hugh Grant movie, how can your husband say no? He'll crush your feelings and then you'll have to have a heart to heart   and you know he doesn't want that.