Women are suffering from a low fertility-IQ.

A new survey from the National Infertility Association, found that less than half of women could correctly answer 7 out of 10 basic questions about their own fertility. Many of them didnít understand how long it takes to get pregnant or how dramatically fertility drops off after a woman hits 30!

Dr. William Schoolcraft is the medical director for the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine. And he says most women donít even think about infertility issues until theyíre trying to conceive a child. And in many cases, that could be in a womanís thirties or forties. By that time, the likelihood that she can naturally conceive is far lower than most women know.

A healthy woman in her 30ís has about a one in five chance of getting pregnantÖÖand once forty rolls around itís more like one in twenty.

So why are women in the dark when it comes to understanding their own fertility? Well, the problem is many of them donít look or feel as old as they actually are. But whether they look 40 or not, their reproductive system keeps aging.

High-profile celebrity moms also reinforce the idea itís never too late to start a family. J.Lo and Mariah recently had twins and theyíre both in their forties. They make it look easy, but the reality is they have access to the best fertility treatments money can buy. For women in the real world having a baby past 40 can be expensive, hard on their health and even plain old impossible.

So if youíre thinking about having a baby, and youíre 30 or beyond, get the facts at Resolve.org, the website for the National Infertility Association.