According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 90- percent of us say we want to spend more time with our families. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know that the best way to reach that goal may be to turn off your phone!
Julie McCarthy is a professor of organizational behavior at the University of Toronto. And her research shows that most people think the best way to increase the time we spend at home is to work more efficiently, but the technology that makes us feel like we’re more efficient actually robs of us leisure time. 
In fact, 6 out of 10 people say they spend more time with their phones than they do with their families. And when researchers asked people whether they would rather give up their phone for a day - or their significant other for a week – almost half of them said they’d hang onto their phones!

If the thought of cutting the cord makes you break out in a cold sweat, here’s reassuring news: In the long run, you’ll get more done if you take a daily phone break. Studies show that unplugging allows your brain and body to recharge - which means you’ll have more energy and be better able to deal with problems. And instead of trying to get together with friends and family “when you have time,” you’ll see them more often if you schedule your get-togethers like any other important event in your life.