2004 is underway, and if you're like most people, you've resolved to make this a better year than last. So why not give your love life an overhaul while you're at it? Here are five romance resolutions, courtesy of Netscape .com:
  • Take inventory. Take a good, long look at your love life. Are you tired of being alone or in an on-again, off-again romance? Think of ways to fix problems and get rid of what's not working.
  • Love Thyself. It's a cliché, but attractive people feel good about themselves. Do something to make yourself feel good   a new haircut, a new outfit, anything to make you feel good about you.
  • Dare Not to Compare. It's hard not to feel jealous around a friend who's newly in love, or a couple who seem ridiculously happy. But try not to dwell on the grass-being-greener for others. Focus on the things you appreciate in your own life.
  • Be a Kinder, Gentler You. It's the little things that matter. Treat your partner with as much respect as you do your friends and co-workers. Stop the sarcastic remarks! Instead, commit random acts of kindness to make your spouse feel loved and appreciated.
  • Kiss More. If you act more loving, you'll feel more loving. And too much affection never hurt anyone.
So bring on the romance!