There's a company in New York City called "First Impressions". It was founded by Dr. Ann Demarais and Dr. Valerie White who are psychologists and personality coaches. They've helped everyone from top executives to people going on first dates. And they now have a book out called "First Impressions: What you Don't Know About How Others See You."
They say you basically have 30 seconds to make that impression and it's all about connecting with the other person and trying to put them at ease. If you make the other person feel special and put them in a good mood, you'll be more socially desirable.
People who appear upbeat   even if someone has only had 30 seconds of interaction with them   seem smarter and more successful.
Someone who complains within 30 seconds seems boring, unsociable and weak. And you might think   well, if they get to know me they'll change their impression. Nope.
A first impression is weighed more heavily than what you learn about someone later on.
In fact, a study was done on this very thing by Harvard trained psychologist and professor, Dr. Frank Bernieri. He says first impressions are emotional. They're a reaction, they happen fast, and they lock on tightly. He had students watch 10 second video clips of professors they didn't know teaching a class. Then they rated those professors on a checklist of personality traits.
The shocking part was. The students who saw the 10 second video clips rated those professors in the exact same way as students who had been taking classes with those professors for an entire semester.
So how can you manage the impression you make? Listen to a couple of songs and I'll fill you in.