Does this sound like your marriage? You turn the thermostat up, he turns it down, up and down, all winter long. You're definitely not alone. Welcome to the Thermostat Wars!

Conventional wisdom holds that men run hot and women run cold. In fact, studies show women's hands cool down faster in cold weather. Possibly because they have smaller blood vessels. On the flip side, women maintain their core body temperatures longer   but it doesn't matter. If their fingers and toes are cold, they feel cold all over.

But it's very costly to constantly raise and lower the temperature. Because shorter furnace cycles are less efficient, and waste energy. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, your home thermostat should be set at 65 degrees during the day, and 55 degrees at night or when you're gone. Why? It helps your health by creating:

  • A better sleeping environment.
  • Speedier metabolism, so you burn calories faster.
  • And it means less dust, bacteria and household molds are being blown around by the furnace air.

But if you're a sun goddess living with a polar bear, here's how to stay warm this winter:

  • Seal the windows, doors, electrical outlets and anyplace else air leaks in or out.
  • Buy a dual-control electric blanket. They're about $100 bucks at department stores.
  • Finally, close the shades and blinds at night to reduce heat loss. And during the day, keep the shades open on the South side of your home to let the sunshine in.
And who knows   you both may survive this winter's Thermostat Wars unscathed!