If you said more than 15 minutes, think again! According to the London Independent, a study of over 12-thousand people found that most couples spend more time apart than together. And when they are together, it’s not really one-on-one time – it’s “triangle time”. Basically it’s the two of you and the TV. In other words, you may be sharing the same space, but you aren’t interacting or connecting on an emotional level.  

Researchers found that the average couple spends 2-and-a-1/2 hours a day doing the same activities.  Which works out to about one hour watching TV together, 30 minutes eating, 30 minutes doing chores, and 15 minutes making plans and discussing schedules. Which leaves only 15 minutes of quality “together time”. And couples with kids are worse off! They spend only an hour and 20 minutes in the same space - and end up with about 7-1/2 minutes of quality time together. And surprisingly, they don’t tend to spend more time together as their kids get older.  Why? Because by then it’s a habit.

And even though couples do get more together time on weekends – about two hours more - most of that extra time is spent catching up on sleep. If that sounds like you, how can you spend more quality time together? Turn off the TV, and talk to each other! Take a walk, relax on the front porch, or plant a garden together. And get away from it all 5 times a year, even if it’s just a long weekend. The fact of the matter is this: Connecting with the most significant person in your life makes your relationship stronger. And when your relationship is stronger, everything in your life improves, from your health to your career. So, get connected!