Should you get back together? Or just move on? According to MSN, if you want to try mending a broken relationship, there are 3 questions you need to ask yourself.
  • First, has anything changed? For instance, if you broke up because he was always traveling for work, will it be okay now that he's got a desk job? And will it stay okay if he starts traveling again? Or did you break up for more fundamental reasons, like only one of you wants kids? Unless one of you is ready to compromise, it's time to move on.
  • Then, what hasn't changed? Do you still love each other? Is your relationship basically strong and caring? Well, maybe it is worth trying to work things out. But both of you have to be committed to work on it.
  • And the final question to ask before you make a decision on your relationship is, what else is at stake? Do you have kids together? Lots of mutual friends? Basically, how will this decision impact the other aspects of your life? Sometimes you might want to run your decision past a counselor. Or ask the people who know you best   your friends and family. They might have a more objective opinion.
The bottom line is, if you think things can be worked out, go ahead and try. But even if you love each other, problems can sometimes be too much to overcome. And it might just be time to move on.