Here are a couple of unusual ways to test your relationship from the Scripps Howard news service. Do these, and you'll know if you're wasting your time dating the wrong person.
  • When you pick up your date, unlock their car door first and let them get in. If they lean over to unlock your door, they're a keeper.
  • Take an airplane trip with them. Two hours at the airport, and you'll run through most of life's problems - communication, money, organization, bureaucracy, deadlines, crowds and fatigue. If you can fly somewhere without killing each other, you're definitely compatible.
And finally, if you want to know if your relationship has a future, go camping together. Camping involves driving, following directions, cooperative tent-building, cooking over a fire, dealing with dirt and bugs, and learning what the other person can do without. If you're uncertain about the future of your relationship, you'll know before the weekend is over.