Guys, if your wife ever complains that you’re a slob, she might be right. According to a study we found on, saying, “I do” creates more housework for women, but for men, it’s a different story. Frank Stafford, an economist at the University of Michigan, analyzed ten years worth of journals and questionnaires from a group of volunteers. He found that:

  • Single men and women both spend about 12 hours a week on housework, but after tying the knot, the average amount of time women spend doing chores increases by almost 60%!
  • Once a couple starts a family, it gets even worse. When kids are part of the equation, wives outwork their husbands three to one!

To be fair, guys have shown some improvement when it comes to helping around the house. Stafford says that 30 years ago women outworked men at a rate of six to one. Obviously guys, there’s still a lot of room for improvement, but pitching in more often is just a start. Benjamin Caldwell is a Marriage and Family Therapy professor at Alliant International University in San Diego. He says that the biggest mistake married people make is forgetting to thank their spouse for the things they do every day, especially housework.