I have a list of relationship deal breakers - these things are sure to put an end to your romance. We got them from a members' survey at Match .com. Let's start with the guys:
  • The number one deal breaker for men? You guessed it - infidelity. This was number one on the ladies' list too.
  • Men also get out of relationships when they feel women are being too emotional.
  • Lying's another no-no.
  • Next romance spoiler? Lack of social skills. One of the nicest parts of a relationship is having someone to share your life with. Don't be afraid to meet your partner's co-workers, family, and friends.
  • Smoking is also frowned upon in relationships, in case you needed another reason to quit.
  • And jealousy is a big deal breaker for guys. Trust him until you have a reason not to.
Okay, guys - your turn to listen up. Here are six things that make the ladies want to kiss a relationship goodbye.
  • I already mentioned that infidelity was number one.
  • That's closely followed by lack of affection. Come on guys. Don't be so self-absorbed.
  • Another thing that makes women end their relationships: Possessiveness.
  • Bad personal hygiene made the list. Guys, if you don't want the relationship to get old, keep preening like it's brand new.
  • The fifth deal breaker for ladies is bigotry.
And the sixth thing that'll cause a woman dump you so fast it'll make your head spin: Jealousy. When it rears its ugly head over and over again, that's her cue to move on.