If you're thinking of trading in your kissing partner for someone new this year, here are the 4 questions you need to ask yourself before you kiss that relationship goodbye. These come from relationship expert, Doctor Pepper Schwartz:
  1. Ask yourself, "Has anyone ever loved me as much as they do?" If your partner's love is deep, it may be worth overlooking their flaws.
  2. Next question: "If I met this person today, would I fall for them?" This gets to the root of what you're looking for in a partner emotionally, physically, intellectually.
  3. Third question: "How would I feel not talking to this person everyday?" If your partner is your best friend, you may want to reconsider cutting them out of your life.
  4. And the final question to ask yourself before you end your relationship: "Will I be better off without this person?" Go through the pros and cons, what you'll gain and what you'll lose. If the good stuff outweighs the bad stuff   stick with it!
You'll be glad you gave your love a second chance.