It's supposed to cover the worst-case scenario of marriage, like who gets what when the marriage ends. But what about planning for the best-case scenario? Like staying together 'til death do you part?--According to Psychology Today, experts recommend that you sit down with your bride or groom to be, and hash out a psychological pre-nup. Here are some of the points you should cover:
  • Do you share a vision for your future together? A lot of couples never discuss their commitment level or what they want out of marriage. So set mutually agreed upon goals and talk about what you think a spouse should be and do.
  • Discuss religion. A lot of couples don't talk about religious or ethnic differences during courtship. But research shows that once a couple has kids, religious issues become increasingly important. The key to a successful marriage is the ability to adapt and compromise. Don't wait until there are kids around to figure out how you'll handle your differences. And the final tip for making a psychological pre-nup:
  • Figure out a problem-solving strategy
. If you yell when you get mad but your partner is an expert at the silent treatment, figure out now how you're gonna work things out--Maybe you'll need to agree to take a timeout when you feel like boiling over. You have to be able to air your differences without worrying about the stability of the relationship. And don't kid yourselves that the things you don't like in each other will magically change once you've become husband and wife. Now's the time to learn to accept your mate, warts and all! Before the "I do's" turn into "What was I thinking?"