But the good news is, those disagreements don't have to turn into marital battles. Here are 4 principles to "Money-proof" your marriage, from Dr. Jonathon Rich and Self-help magazine .com.
Principle #1: Do your part to solve the problem. The tighter the money is, the more couples fight about it. So look at what you can do to help stay in the black. Being creative is great, but being willing to listen to your honey's ideas about saving money is even better.
Principle #2: No one is sending any secret messages. Sometimes we assume that our sweetie's spending habits just aren't habits, but some sly way to voice disapproval about our own spending. For example, if you like lapping up the finer things in life, you might see your beloved's coupon clipping as an attack. The truth is, your spouse's financial style developed long before you two met. If you take offense at "hidden messages" that aren't really there, you'll just get in the way of working out your differences.
Principle #3: Plan your financial future together. Talk about what you want to accomplish and how you're going to accomplish it. Some people want to live on a shoestring budget so they can sock away a bundle to retire early. Others want to enjoy their earnings as they go. Share your ideas about the future and make a plan that works for both of you.
And finally, when it comes to maintaining a financially secure marriage: Principle #4: Remember you're a TEAM. Even if you win an argument about money, you've lost. Why? Because you chipped away at your relationship. Dr. Rich says that money fights bring up other issues   like trust, security and risk taking. So make sure you talk about what money means to each of you. Maybe having a lot in savings makes your wife feel secure. Maybe when you spend without telling your husband he feels you've broken his trust. Or maybe one of you is a risk taker and they other isn't. You have to be open and honest about these issues up front. Once you're on the same page, you'll never fight about money again.