Health insurance rates are skyrocketing, and women are bearing the brunt!

Right now, in 37 states itís perfectly legal for insurance companies to charge women higher rates than men for healthcare coverage, or refuse to cover them altogether. Itís called gender rating, and insurance companies insist that, in many cases, women are just too expensive to cover!

This isnít just one or two companies doing this. A survey of the best selling individual healthcare plans in the country found that 95-percent of them have different rules and rates for women and men and sometimes the rules donít seem to make sense! For instance, a majority of companies charge a 44-year-old non-smoking woman almost double what they charge a man whoís the same age but DOES smoke.

One woman we read about wanted to test out the theory that women are getting over-charged or denied just because of their gender. So she applied for 6 different policies, once as a man and once as a woman. On each application she put the exact same medical information. As a man she was offered policies by 2 out of the 6 companies. As a woman, she was turned down by every single one. The insurance companies say theyíre doing their job.

Women go to the doctor more often and use more medications, so theyíre more expensive to cover. However, industry analysts say thatís true, but women should actually be rewarded for keeping up with their healthcare. Studies show that preventative care ultimately saves money, because it heads off more expensive to treat diseases.

If youíre a woman struggling to get covered, help is on the way. The new healthcare law that goes into effect in 2014 will outlaw gender rating. But if you need help right now, check out Itís a website that will point you in the direction of public healthcare options so you can get covered as soon as possible!