His name is Reverend Billy Talen he’s the founder of the Church of Stop Shopping. And he’s in demand because we have a shopping problem. We read about Reverend Billy in Money magazine and they say that the average person now has just under $10-thousand dollars in credit card debt – which is only gonna get worse as the interest rates go up.

So why can’t we put down the plastic? Reverend Billy says it’s because we feel an emptiness inside. We don’t know why we feel that way so we keep buying more and more to fill up that hole in the soul. His message: Stop shopping and start living!

Reverend Billy has preached that message from St. Mark’s in Manhattan to the Mall of America. He was even filmed for a documentary which will be released later this year called, “What would Jesus Buy?”

Now, only about 5% of Americans actually suffer from compulsive buying, which is a psychiatric disorder. But an additional 13% of us are prone to excessive buying. These are people who don’t have a clinical disorder, they just shop too much.

And attention male shoppers: You’re not innocent in all of this! Men have a tendency to spend excessively on collections – like airplane models and power tools. So how do you know if you have a problem?

If you have a preoccupation with buying things, you buy impulsively, or you have positive feelings when you buy and negative feelings later. If that’s you, I’ll share the tools you need to stop shopping after a couple of songs.