Here are the three most unexpected spots to get big discounts, courtesy of the experts at

  • First up: Bridal expos. It’s not all poofy dresses and wedding cakes. There are tons of non-wedding vendors at wedding expos. You can find deals on everything from cruises to cookware. For the price of admission – about $15 – you’ll get access to thousands of bargain-friendly vendors. One woman found a mattress she’d been eyeing for months at a bridal expo for half the price she’d been quoted at the store.
  • Next unexpected spot to find great deals: Your local College. Every year when the kids go back to school, the campus is blanketed in bargains. Colleges put together discount booklets jammed with coupons for local businesses. You’ll find coupons for running shoes, ice cream parlors, mechanics, everything. Banks, cable providers and cell phone companies also set up booths during the first weeks of school, offering significant discounts on their services. You don’t have to be a student to sign up. Anyone on campus is eligible.
  • The final unexpected place to find great deals: Police and surplus auctions, fire departments, schools, and the military. All these organizations host auctions to get rid of furniture and supplies they can’t use. You get the goods for pennies on the dollar. Police auctions don’t just sell cars. They’re trying to unload anything they’ve seized like cosmetics and clothing. Check the paper to find local auctions or go to for an updated list.